Three New Attractions Planned for Hawaiian Falls in 2012


“Ready…Wet…Go!” will be all the rage this summer at Hawaiian Falls Mansfield as the water park prepares for $3 million in attractions designed to make the park even more popular as summer approaches.

Construction will be underway soon on three new attractions for the 2012 season – two water slides and a new water playground. The last expansion at  the water park was in 2010 with the edition of the Torpedo drop slides.

“They like to add something new and exciting for visitors,” said Hillary Beuker, park planner for Mansfield Parks & Recreation Department. “These new attractions have something fun for all ages.”

Boomerango, the Cliffhanger and Splashwater Harbor will be built on land within or just outside the current park, city officials said. Boomerango plunges riders 30 feet to the ground then sends them back and forth until they reach the bottom of the slide.

The Cliffhanger will send three riders at a time down a winding course filled with twists, dips and three 180-degree turns, something new to the Mansfield park. Splash Water Harbor, filled with shallow pools and small slides, will be similar to the water playground Keiki Cove and provide another option for younger visitors. Boomerango and Colorado Drop Slide will be built south of the Torpedo, while Splash Water Harbor will be built close to Keiki Cove.

The city-owned water park, operated and maintained by Hawaiian Falls, drew more than 183,000 visitors in 2011 and sold more than 10,000 season passes making it one of the most successful parks in the Hawaiian Falls system.  The park will open Memorial Day weekend, with daily operations beginning in early June. For more information, visit the Hawaiian Falls web site at


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