Mansfield Named One of Texas’ Safest Cities


It’s one thing for me to brag on our city. It’s more satisfying for someone else, a third party observer no less, to brag on our city.

SafeWise, an organization which provides research on community safety, has named Mansfield to its list of safest cities in Texas. We were named No. 18 in their Top 50 safest cities with populations over 20,000.

They ranked the cities based on their own research as well as U.S. crime reports provided by the FBI.

Being named one of the state’s safest cities is the result of good decisions by the City Council, sound strategic planning on the part of our city management and hard work of the patrol officers, detectives, community resource officers, training officers and administration in the Mansfield Police Department.

Public Safety represents more than half of the city’s annual budget expenditures. Our commitment to keeping our residents, businesses and visitors safe remains strong. And the proof that our plan is working is reflected in the crime statistics and the independent analysis of groups like SafeWise.

As Mayor, I am appreciative to our public safety officials, staff and officers for all they do to keep our streets safe. They not only patrol these streets to protect us, they educate and encourage our residents to be active participants in the process through events like National Night Out and programs like Citizens On Patrol.

And because of their dedication, Mansfield is not only one of the best places to live, it’s also one of the safest.


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