Follow these tips to keep your pets safe on July 4th


Everyone loves fireworks, right? Not necessarily. While you may enjoy the bright lights and loud booms that accompany the Independence Day holiday, your pets are often frightened and confused by the noises.

“More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year,” said Lori Strittmatter, supervisor of the City of Mansfield Animal Care & Control department. “Some pets are home alone, outside, while their families are out watching fireworks. The noises frighten them and for some, their first response to get away from the noise.”

Strittmatter said pet owners can follow a few easy tips to keep their pets safe on the July 4th holiday:

  • If possible, leave your pet inside your home during the fireworks. Keep them comfortable and leave gentle music playing to cover the sound of the fireworks. A few treats is also reassuring.
  • Definitely leave your dog at home when heading out to public fireworks events. Most public events do not allow pets. And even a pet on a leash can be difficult to control if they are frightened.
  • If your pets are at home and outside, be sure they are wearing up-to-date ID tags that are visible on their collars. And keep a current photo of your dog just in case your pet gets away from home.
  • If you’re planning a party at home, exercise your pet early in the day before the parties begin to help them release some pent up energy.
  • Keep your dog or cat away from anything flammable including your grill or sparklers.

These tips may help keep pet safe and prevent owners from being separated from their pets. However if your pet does become lost, be sure to contact Mansfield Animal Care & Control’s via their online lost pet form or view found pets on the city’s website.


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