Police encourage residents to “watch your car” to prevent thefts


Mansfield Police encourage residents to “watch your car” at all times to keep thieves away.

However July is “Watch Your Car Month” and the Tri-County Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Task Force, of which the Mansfield Police Department is a participant, uses the observance to encourage car owners to watch their vehicles closely to prevent auto theft.

“Surprisingly, more cars are reported stolen during July, according to state statistics,” said Mansfield Police Chief Tracy Aaron. “And we have more auto burglaries as well. The goal of the tri-county task force is to reduce the number of cars stolen and the amount of personal property taken from vehicles. We’re out there watching to try and prevent these thefts, but we’re asking car owners to keep watch as well.”

The Texas Crime Clock has recorded that a vehicle burglary occurs every two minutes and a vehicle theft occurs every eight minutes.

The task force reminds drivers to follow these tips to help protect your vehicle and your valuable:

  • Remove or hide your valuables. It’s best not to leave anything valuable in your car but if you do, keep them hidden from view.
  • Always lock your vehicle. If you’re going to crack the windows to help ventilation in this Texas heat, be sure to keep the opening small and make sure the doors are locked.
  • Never leave your keys in your vehicle.

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