Summer rains and irrigation runoff create mosquito breeding havens


Yes, you read that headline correctly. Summer rains. Rain is typically unheard of during your average north Texas summer, but not this year.

Rain puddles, plus runoff from irrigation systems, can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes around your home. The most common culprits are so obvious they are easy to miss.

“If someone calls to report a mosquito nuisance on their neighbor, the Environmental Services Department now requires an outdoor mosquito inspection at the home of the person who made the report,” said Stephanie Zavala, public education specialist. “There are just so many potential breeding hazards that it’s easy for people to overlook what’s going on in their own backyard.”

The City of Mansfield is actively testing for West Nile virus in coordination with the Tarrant County Public Health Department (TCPH) and its testing schedule. Traps are set every Tuesday and the specimens are collected and sent to TCPH on Wednesday. Results are then sent to the city on Friday.

“Howard Redfearn, the city environmental manager, conducts mosquito inspections Thursday mornings. These inspections are in response to resident calls and any reported trouble spots or standing water,” Zavala said.

Standing water can be caused not only by rain but by irrigation systems. When your system runs, it can fill buckets, toys and bird baths with standing water. City staff often find breeding activity occurring in those common problem areas during mosquito inspections.

The Environmental Services Department is asking residents to use this backyard checklist to do their own mosquito investigation around their home before reporting a neighbor. If you want more information about mosquito control, contact Redfearn at [email protected]

This backyard checklist can help homeowners provide their own mosquito control for their property.

This backyard checklist can help homeowners provide their own mosquito control for their property.

Tarrant County Public Health has a library of videos that provide tips on how to be mosquito free. These tips only work if everyone participates, so please share this information with your neighbors.


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