Volunteers lend a hand with senior program at the MAC


In 3,351 hours you can fly to the moon and back 30 times.  You can watch every episode of Seinfeld 50 times.  You can even read War and Peace 105 times. Or, you could make a difference in the lives of Mansfield senior citizens.

The Senior Lifestyles program at the Mansfield Activities Center provides daily activities, classes, meals, holiday celebrations and even field trips to any area senior citizen interested. The entertainment and life enrichment they’ve offered for years are crucial to many participants’ daily lives, often providing the only social interaction they get each day. But none of these programs would be possible without the dedication of a team of tireless volunteers who selflessly give their time and energy day after day.

In just the last six months these volunteers have already logged more than 3,351 hours of service. That’s enough hours to earn a pilot’s license…twice. Thankfully, the more than 50 active volunteers have chosen to fly alongside our seniors and help the program reach new heights of service.

“Volunteers are a vital part of every single aspect of the Mansfield Senior Lifestyles Program,” said Suzanne Newman, senior lifestyle coordinator. “They give not just our program, but also the community, valuable services that can’t be replaced.”

Without volunteer help, field trips to the Texas State Fair, or the Senior Art Show, or even the Daily Lunch Program would not be possible, Newman said.  Volunteer time doesn’t just help for small daily activities either – the logs of these hours are reported to Sixty and Better, Tarrant County’s 501c(3) aging & wellness organization, which helps the Senior Program provide lunch every day at the MAC. Strong volunteer numbers indicate a strong program, ensuring stronger support from not just the city, but county leadership and beyond.

Each spring, Sixty and Better joins the MAC Senior Lifestyles organization to recognize and honor the previous years’ volunteers with a banquet that includes gifts, speeches, and awards. The volunteers’ hard work, and hours upon hours of service, does not go unnoticed, and organizers say they believe in rewarding their time. The greatest rewards, of course, come from the little, everyday moments found in making a day just a little bit brighter for a friend and neighbor in need. Why go to the moon, it seems, when you can make giant leaps for mankind in your own backyard?

Applications are always being accepted for new volunteers within the Senior Lifestyle program; simply stop in the MAC or give them a call at (817) 728-3680 for more details. 


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