Protect your pipes and pets when winter weather hits


It’s been 11 months since the last freeze was recorded in North Texas. However, temperatures are expected to drop this week and that means it’s time to protect your home and pets.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your home’s water pipes and your furry family members when the thermometer dips below 32 degrees:

  • Turn your sprinkler system off. You only need to water once every three weeks during the winter if no rainfall has occurred. And be sure to only water on a day without freezing temperatures. When you do run the system, be sure to check for broken sprinkler heads and make adjustments to reduce water run off.
  • Disconnect and drain outdoor water hoses, then store them inside your garage.
  • Cover outdoor faucets with covers or wrap with heavy cloth.
  • Wrap pipes located on outside walls, and make sure pipes located in attics or garages are covered with insulation. Leave cabinet doors open under sinks to allow warm air to keep interior pipes protected.
  • Know where your master water shut off valve is located so you can quickly shut the water off if there is a broken or burst pipe.
  • Set faucets to drip slowly to keep pipes from freezing.
  • If pipes become frozen, allow them to thaw naturally by exposing them to warmer air. But do not try to thaw pipes using hair dryers or other forms of heat.
  • Bring pets inside, if possible, to protect them from the elements. If your pets must stay outside, make sure they have shelter away from the wind with hay or blankets for warmth.
  • Make sure outdoor pets have clean, unfrozen water available.




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