Current street construction projects detailed in Winter 2018 Road Report


This Quarterly Road Report includes current street projects by the City of Mansfield Public Works Department and TxDOT. For additional information, call Bart VanAmburgh at 817-276-4233, David Boski at 817-276-4208 or Raymond Coffman at 817-276-4238.

Street Bond Program (construction)

Mouser Way (House Road to U.S. 287)

Mouser Way currently extends east from Main Street to House Road. This project will complete Mouser Way to the U.S. 287 southbound frontage road. It will be a four-lane, undivided collector street, with a storm drain system and a large drainage culvert crossing Watson Branch. The Phase 1, 300-foot section at the west end is complete. All utilities, storm drainage and creek channel improvements are complete. Subgrade preparation and pavement will begin soon. Total project completion is expected to be late spring 2018.

U.S. 287 Ramps and Texas U-Turn (Walnut Creek Drive to Debbie Lane)

The scope of this project is to reconfigure the on- and off-ramps on U.S. 287 between Walnut Creek Drive and Debbie Lane and construct a U-turn from the northbound to southbound frontage road at Debbie Lane. This is a TxDOT-managed project. The off-ramp relocation on the southbound side is complete, as well as the main driveway into Home Depot. The new northbound on-ramp and the U-turn at Debbie Lane are complete. The final component under construction is a northbound off-ramp to Debbie Lane at the old Walnut Creek Drive on-ramp location. Total project completion is scheduled for April 2018.

Debbie Lane Reconstruction (FM157 to Main Street)

The original project scope included adding medians to create a divided road, resurfacing the existing asphalt pavement and adding sidewalks. With direction from the City Council the project was redefined as a fully-reconstructed, six-lane concrete pavement section that will allow this section of Debbie Lane to serve as a designated truck route. Street pavement is complete on the north side and traffic has been moved to this new section. Subgrade treatment will begin this month on the south side to prepare for pavement. Total project completion will be summer 2018.

Price Road at South Main Street

Price Road will be realigned at the south end to provide for a perpendicular intersection at Main Street opposite the existing Sentry Drive. The new section will be concrete with curb and gutter. The project also includes a left turn lane on eastbound Heritage Parkway just east of Main Street. The Heritage Parkway turn lane is complete. Utilities at Price Road are complete and paving will begin this month. Project is expected to be complete by late February.

Street Bond Program (design)

Turner Warnell Road (Callender Road to existing end)

This project will complete a four-lane, divided thoroughfare from the existing end point to Callender Road. This will provide a direct route between FM 157 and U.S. 287. Callender  Road will also be completed to the south. The west and north roadway approaches into the City of Arlington will be limited to transitions to the existing asphalt. Final plans are being completed for bid. Staff is in the process of negotiating right-of-way and coordinating utility relocations and gas pipeline crossing. The project is expected to bid in early summer 2018.

South Main Street (Broad to Hunt streets)

South Main Street will be designed as an urban complete street with a four-lane roadway incorporating on-street parking, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and enhanced streetscape. Construction plans are being prepared. Staff is coordinating improvements with affected adjacent property owners. Construction is expected to begin this summer.

Magnolia Street (Broad to Wisteria streets)

This project is a reconstruction to a concrete collector including storm drain improvements and water line replacement. Final plans are being prepared by the design consultant. Staff is working on right-of-way and easement acquisition and utility relocations.

Traffic Signal (Matlock and Ragland roads)

Final plans are under review. Right-of- way will need to be acquired. Project is expected to big in late spring.

Right-Turn Lane (Walnut Creek Drive southbound at Pleasant Ridge Drive)

Preliminary plans are under review.

MEDC Projects

Antler Drive (existing to FM 917)

This project is complete.

Regency Parkway (existing end to Heritage Parkway)

Regency Parkway will be completed to Heritage Parkway as a four-lane, undivided roadway. Water main and storm drainage improvements are included. Currently the water line and storm drain are under construction.

East Broad Street (U.S. 287 to Cannon Drive)

East Broad Street will be reconstructed to a six-lane, divided thoroughfare. Improvements will include a traffic signal at Regency Parkway and dual left-turn lanes for eastbound traffic at Cannon. Excavation of the north side is under way. Utility relocations and adjustments are under way. The proposed schedule for completion is mid-August, 2018.

Tarrant County CDBG Projects

Tarrant Street (Dallas to Kimball streets)

This is the 2016 CDBG reconstruction project. Tarrant Street will be rebuilt to a concrete street with curb and gutter, storm drain system and new water main. Driveways and final clean up are under way.

North Street (North of Newt Patterson Road)

This is the 2017 CDBG reconstruction project. North Street will be rebuilt to a concrete street with curb and gutter, storm drain system and new water main. Preliminary design is under way.

TxDOT Projects

SH 360 South

TxDOT has contracted this as a design/build project with Lane/Abrams to complete State Highway 360 from its current termination at Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington to U.S. 287. The main lanes will be constructed as toll lanes with the frontage roads remaining toll free. The Broad Street and Heritage Parkway bridges are now open and the crossing at Holland Road is closed for bridge construction. The Lone Star Road intersection is under construction. Traffic signals will be installed at both Heritage Parkway and Lone Star Road. For detailed and current construction progress, visit Substantial completion is scheduled for April, 2018.


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