City considers once-a-week trash collection with solid waste contract renewal


The City Council is considering two options for renewal of the city’s solid waste contract, one of which would shift trash collection to once-a-week utilizing garbage carts.

The options, presented by current provider Republic Services, would require city council approval. Both options include a slight rate increase.

“Each time the solid waste contract is up for renewal, the provider looks at various options for service delivery and the impact it will have on rates,” said Belinda Willis, the city’s director of communications and marketing. “This was the first presentation to Council about those options. As they said at the June 25 meeting, the contract and the service options will be discussed in August. No decision has been made at this time.”

Republic Service’s Vince Hrabal told the City Council during a June 25 presentation that increases in insurance costs, salaries and the fluctuating recycling market are driving rate changes for solid waste companies. The City of Mansfield will see changes in its collection routes regardless of which option is approved because growth patterns have caused an imbalance in the current route structure.

“We don’t know what those new routes will look like,” he said. “But the city’s continued growth means adjustments need to be made.”

According to Hrabal, the use of trash carts is becoming an industry standard, as is weekly collection. There are 16 Metroplex cities already using trash carts for once-a-week collection, including Cedar Hill, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Plano, Fort Worth and Watauga. The trash carts are collected in a manner similar to the recycling carts with specialized trucks.

A recent sampling of Mansfield residents showed one 95-gallon cart will be sufficient for most Mansfield households. Each residential customer will be provided a 95-gallon cart. Households needing more than one cart can pay an additional fee for a second cart. Customers with frequent overflows will be required to add an additional cart.

Hrabal said studies in the use of trash carts shows there is typically an increase in the diversion of materials for recycling. Cart use also reduces the chance of trash scattering from pets and wildlife.

Howard Redfearn, environmental services manager for the city, said Republic Services, and its predecessor company Duncan Disposal, has served as the city’s solid provider for the last 15 years. He said the company has been attentive to the city’s needs, especially during its growth years.

“Republic has been a good contractor for the city. We receive very few complaints in regards to service, and the company has worked with us to address many specialized needs of the city,” he said.

Hrabal said even with the slight increases in rates, Mansfield residents pay less than the Metroplex average for solid waste collection. Currently the DFW average for once a week collection is $15 and $16.50 for twice a week. Rates in DFW range from $14.50 to $17.50.

Solid Waste Contract Extension Key Points:

Option 1 (current service twice a week):

  • Includes an increase over current monthly rate of $1.61, to $13.10.
  • No changes to services.
  • Due to growth patterns, current collection routes are out of balance, and a new route structure will be implemented.

Option 2 (garbage cart service once a week):

  • Includes an increase over current monthly rate of $1.02 to $12.51.
  • Collection once a week with use of garbage cart.
  • Elderly/handicapped will still be able to set at garage door for collection.
  • Weekly brush and bulky collection for grass clippings, leaves, large items, etc. will continue on a once-a-week schedule.
  • Overflow collection for holidays, etc. will continue.
  • Chunk Your Junk days will continue to be held in April and October.




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