This event isn’t for the birds, it’s all about the turkey


When it comes to Thanksgiving, even the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock didn’t have a palooza.

There’s so much to fun to be had at Thanksgiving that the Mansfield Public Library saw an opportunity for a party.

Turkey Palooza, set for 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, is the library’s newest free educational event designed to get families ready for their Thanksgiving feast. They are collaborating with several city departments including Mansfield Fire Rescue, environmental services and water utilities to provide a comprehensive and fun-filled day of all things turkey.

“There is a holiday before Christmas. So we just want to give Thanksgiving its due,” said Yolanda Botello, director of library services for the city. “This is a great opportunity to answer questions about cooking for Thanksgiving and provide our patrons with tips on everything from cooking safety to cleaning up in an environmental friendly way. And lunch is on us.”

Turkey 1.0

Does the thought of cooking a turkey freak you out? Or, are you in charge of a Thanksgiving feast and don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.

Cookin' with Carol chef Carol Ritchie will talk turkey at the Turkey Palooza event.

Cookin’ with Carol chef Carol Ritchie will talk turkey at the Turkey Palooza event.

Chef Carol Ritchie (known locally as Cookin’ with Carol) will demonstrate and explain the ins and outs of prepping, cooking and serving your holiday turkey. Chef Carol will also give you tips on preparing a memorable and tasty dessert, so you will leave with the confidence to pull off a successful holiday meal.

Turkey 2.0

Have you already mastered traditional turkey roasting, and want to try something different? The Mansfield Fire Department will be on hand to show you the proper way to deep-fry your bird and will provide fire-safety precautions. Now that the fried turkey is done, what do you do with the oil? The Environmental Services and Water Utilities departments will provide directions on how to dispose of used cooking oil.

Let’s Get Creative

Now that you’ve gained some turkey knowledge, it’s time to think about how to dazzle your holiday guests with a full menu and a festive atmosphere. The Mansfield Public Library is packed with resources to guide your holiday meal planning and help you set the mood for an unforgettable feast. Stop by and browse cookbooks and magazines, or browse endless online resources for new ideas to spark your holiday creativity.

Let’s Celebrate

All this talk about food and the smell of a frying turkey has probably made you hungry, so it’s time to eat! All event participants will be treated to a Thanksgiving lunch courtesy of local Mansfield restaurants and food providers.

Are you ready for a Saturday afternoon of lunching and learning? Turkey Palooza will be held at the Chris W. Burkett Service Center, 620 S. Wisteria St. Register for this free event to reserve your spot:


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