Bingo with a side of fries as Mansfield seniors take their game to Chick-fil-A


Senior Citizens and bingo go together like French fries and ketchup, and nowhere is that more true than in Mansfield. Twice a month, seniors from across the area gather at the local Chick fil-A store for a morning of free bingo and conversation, thanks to a creative program by the store and in partnership with the Mansfield Activities Center’s Senior Lifestyles program.

chick fil a bingo

“We decided to start senior bingo because it is something fun and different for the seniors to do during the week,” said Bree Moore, marketing coordinator over Chick fil-A’s two Mansfield locations. “We hope that seniors get a chance to have fun and get to know other seniors in the community.”

Participation is completely free, and players can enjoy a Senior Citizen discount on their purchase should all the action make them hungry. The restaurant provides all the prizes, which range from food coupons to T-shirts and the much-coveted stuffed cow mascot toys.

bingo 3

“Our members get so excited for the prizes,” said Senior Lifestyles Coordinator Caprice Golloway. “It’s so fun for them to get something unique, and I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t want a free meal. The game is just that much more fun when you know there might be a milkshake at the end.”

The bingo games are open to any area senior, but the Mansfield Activities Center offers a free bus ride to the restaurant for their members, bringing on average about 25-30 guests each time.

“We offer a ton of programming at the MAC, but it’s always nice to get out into the community,” Golloway said. “It’s great for our members to see fresh faces and a good way for us to meet new people and spread the word about all the senior services available through Senior Lifestyles at the MAC.”

chick fil a bingo 2

Mansfield Chick fil-A stores offer bingo twice a month at rotating locations. The first Thursday of each month games are held at the Broad Street location, and on the third Thursday they are at the store on Walnut Creek Drive. For the restaurant owners, it’s a way to give back not just in product, but in time.

“The staff love bingo days,” Moore said. “They are constantly asking me when the next event is. They love taking care of each of the seniors and making them feel welcomed. It’s as much fun for us as it is for them.”

For more about the bingo days, contact either Chick fil-A location. For more information about the Mansfield Activities Center’s Senior Lifestyles program, call (817) 728-3680.


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